‘A beginning is the time for taking the most
delicate care that the balances are correct.”

ThreeDesignThree specializes in site upgrades, content transfer and ongoing site maintenance. Nothing makes me happier than moving great content from a cramped, old-fashioned, warning-page protected page to one that is self-hosted and fully functional. Well, maybe a few things make me happier than that1 but nothing in the realm of website design.

Whether you’re struggling to use a content management system that’s not working, unhappy with your current site design or need just a few tweaks to improve performance and ease-of-use, ThreeDesignThree can assess your situation and provide a customized solution at an affordable price. No job is complete until you understand how to make updates on your new site, and I’m always willing to answer questions long after the project is done. I’m happy to discuss all projects from one-hour consultations to complete site overhauls.

ThreeDesignThree is business-friendly, queer-friendly and just plain friendly. Your happiness and confidentiality are completely assured.


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  1. Such as tiny, furry kitties []