May 092010

“When I began looking at upgrading my blog site, the first place I went to was 3design3.  I knew that she was definitely the person I wanted to work with as soon as she started asking questions.  My personal preferences were tantamount to the design process and anything I wasn’t completely happy with was scrapped without complaint.  Not only that, but she also took what I wanted and improved upon it tenfold.  I am very pleased with how my website looks and functions.

If I have any questions about functionality, 3design3 is right there to provide information or take care of the changes.  She’s also very good at explaining how to do something if I want to learn to do it myself.

I couldn’t be happier with 3design3…unless she gave out free kittens. Think about that as a promotional strategy, 3. Kittens.”  –Miss B.

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