WordPress Ongoing Site Maintenance


If you hire me to create your site, I will train you on how to manage, edit, and expand it after the main work is complete. Additionally, I will demonstrate both the ease and the importance of making regular WordPress, plugin, and theme updates. Most of my clients find these updates to be pretty simple and not particularly time-consuming.

If you keep your site up-to-date you have the benefit of an ever-increasing arsenal of features and security. If you don’t make your updates, what will eventually happen are VERY BAD THINGS including but not limited to: An Increasing Risk of Being Hacked, Ghosts, Losing Your Content, Things That Aren’t Working Anymore And It Is Just So Darn Frustrating, and Having To Spend Far More Money And Time To Fix Things Than Would Have Been Spent By Staying Up-To-Date To Begin With Which Is Hard On The Wallet And The Psyche.

In short, it is crucial that you stay on top of updates. No one wants frustrations. (Or ghosts.)

Despite my dire warnings and hand-wringing, I’ve found that some folks have no interest in (or time for) making updates. If you fall into this camp — and NO JUDGMENT IF YOU DO — you can take advantage of my Site Maintenance Service. This is open to people whose sites I’ve built and those whose sites were built by someone else — as long as the sites in question use WordPress.

This is good for you in that things will continue to work as if by magic due to my regular and loving presence, and you can spend your time and energy on other aspects of your business.

Hey, how about some details?

Basic Monthly Site Maintenance Plan
  • 3-4 visits each month
  • All WordPress, plugin, & theme updates made for you
  • Up to 60 minutes per month for content & appearance edits
  • $40/month or $440/year

Deluxe Monthly Site Maintenance Plan
  • Up to 6 visits each month
  • All WordPress, plugin, & theme updates made for you
  • Up to 90 minutes per month for content & appearance edits
  • $50/month or $550/year

(The powers that be at PayPal allow only monthly and yearly options. If you’d like something different [quarterly, daily, decadely], let me know and I’ll write an invoice just for you.)

All regular Terms and Conditions apply, with a couple important additions:

  • This is a subscription service. You may cancel or renew at any time. However, I cannot give refunds on subscriptions you’ve already purchased.
  • It is in everyone’s best interests that I complete your work in the time allotted (I’m a busy lady, yo). However, there may be situations where 60 or 90 minutes isn’t enough to get through the work you want. If this is the case, you can purchase additional hours at the discounted rate of $40/hour.

Interested? Email me today and we’ll get started!